Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hiya Just checking who's going to the NEC hobby craft show on Nov 13-16th ????
I'm going to be there all day Saturday 15th And if you have joined up to be a fiskarette we have something planned for the afternoon that sounds fun and we can meet all the rest of the Fiskarettes and just pop in at your own leisure . You might need a sit down after all that shopping lol !
I'm getting excited as i've never been to a big craft show before . I have been to the NEC but that was a wedding fair !


Julie said...

I am off to the NEC with my mother a great girly shopping day.

Vee said...

Sounds like fun! I wish I was going :) But I will be able to read all about it on your blog the next week I hope!

Debsg said...

I'm jealous. Not going to make it to NEC this year.