Thursday, October 30, 2008

Scrapping on Circle Cardstock.

Today I scrapped a L/O for fiskarettes onto Circle cardstock , I love the look just not that keen on storing them ! I know that most of my L/Os go in pizza boxes for storing !!!! shocking i know !!!! but I do plan one day to put them in albums :D

Heres a sneak peak if you want to see the whole thing you are going to have to go over to Fiskarettes sorry x


Anonymous said...

hi there! thx for yr visit at my blog. i rly love yr keychain and the Lo´s pink lady and think pink.

I hope it´s ok with u if i add yr blog on my blogglist

/ Lone

LornaSmithStudio said...

Big thanks for commenting on my blog...we had such a giggle taking those photos of the conkers in Paris. We took them for our wee girl who wasn't there.
Your scapbooks look amazing and time consuming! Happy blogging.
Lorna X

my5bratz said...

LOTS of great LOs on here..well done

Enfys said...

Great LO. Can't you just attach the finished thing to 12inch cardstock for storage?