Monday, October 6, 2008

First day

Today is the first day ive posted on the Blog over at FISKARETTES I'm really excited to be helping out with this blog and hopefully i will contribute to a growing community. If you have checked it already do look again as Caroline has yet to post today as we are both saying hello. I hope you will visit and also you will keep coming back :D . Do sign in as a Fiskarette if you have a few mins , there are tons of new things coming up and plenty of chances to win great prizes in the coming months and also you can showcase your work. The best thing is its not just a Fiskars site you can add your creations where ever the tools or papers etc. are from but of course it would be better still if you could showcase your own fiskars creations too x
Have a great day
jayne x


Shirley said...

Just paid a visit and love the look of the site. It all looks very exciting and good to see you posting there.