Friday, May 30, 2008

Teaching another class !!!

Ellie from MODSCRAPS is letting me teach another class at my local crop this saturday !!!!

I get really nervous as ive never stood up infront of people on my own before apart from the first class i taught at MODSCRAPS a few months back. I have new worries this time major one is can i top the last class i taught as it was quite successful ,even though i say it myself !!!! And the second is that my fab scrapping friends Cleo & Ellies classes are so Amazing i dont want too look too rubbishy next to them, lol !!

The girls that go to the Crop are all FAB and i have a such a fun time there . its only £5 to crop all day and extra (usually £5 ) for the class but what can you do for a day for £10 not much nowadays , sounding like my mum lol !!!!! I never get much scrapbooking done as i chat too much but i do get inspired. Some of the girls can do tons of L/Os x

heres a sneak peek of the class x


Claudia said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll find it will go very well and that everyone will learn something useful. Enjoy!

Linda Elbourne said...

I hope it is all going well X

Cass said...

Good luck to you. I teach my first class on Monday night and to say i'm nervous is an understatement.

Cass xxx

kelly said...

you shouldnt be nervous your work is fab!!

Linda Elbourne said...

popped back to see how it went - get blogging and let us know ..... pleeeeeeeeeease X