Monday, March 31, 2008

Our new little furry friend.

Just thought i would post a pic or two of our new furry friend, Her name is PIP. We are having my brothers dog on a weeks trial to see if a dog is for us !!!! All seems fine at the moment and the kids adore her. (they think we are just looking after her for a week whilst my brother starts his new job but if we like her we can have her) We are going to have to have a family vote at the end of the week !!! HMMMMM !!!

I think it will be great for us & we already know her and know shes great with kids but my Hubby isnt too sure (he likes bigger dogs but i can't handle that what with having the kids too) What do you think of her shes not as cute as a puppy maybe but shes toilet trained , will come back to us when we call so all the hard work is done..... is she cute or is it just meeeeee ? :D
Update how we get on at end of the week.


willowthewysp said...

She is adorable!
And at least she is toilet trained!..I never wanna have to go through that again!!!

bubblegum said...

Ohh Pip looks soo cute. How is the trial going.? Love how the cat is watching her. LOL

Debbie x

Glitterpuss said...

Pip is GORGEOUS - What a cute wee face.
I would love to have a dog but my two cats wouldn't!!!

She's eyeing up that moggy!!!

Fe-Fe said...

She's a little sweetie Jayne, the last thing you need when you've got little ones is a puppy, much easier with a dog that's already trained. Hope you decide to keep her.

Deanne said...

pips lovely, having a pup is hard (defo know that at the mo)
hope your 'vote' goes the right way! x

Maddie said...

aww what a cutie:)