Wednesday, November 7, 2007

5th NOVEMBER ...Fireworks

We had lots of fireworks sun eve at sister in laws. She asked everyone to bring a few fireworks but they were going off all night as we had so many.

I wasn't too impressed with our fireworks Mon they were all fizz and less WOW !!! !!! I started taking pics of other fireworks whilst hubby was lighting ours LOL much to his annoyance.

My youngest didn't like the ones we set off in the garden as they were too close for her liking. But she loved other peoples that were far away.

Heres a L/O ive done , i ts actually for next weeks PCJ challenge but i'll keep the theme a secret no its not quite Fireworks !!


bubblegum said...

What a great LO Jay - the colours are fab :)

Debbie x