Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sea glass in the melt pot

Today I've been playing with a friends melt pot. We dipped in chipboard that bubbled like chip fat ! poured the Utee out and stamped it with stamps, cut some with mini cutters and even chopped up softened cds and added them into the Utee. My favourite piece was this sea glass, it was a piece picked up from the beach and we heated the glass up layed it onto patterned foil then added embossing powders and more Utee to add a great glaze. The photo doesn't do it justice but it gives you some idea x


Nat said...

Wow that looks amazing!

And a massive belated congratulations to you Granny!!! She looks absolutely beautiful! I hope mum and baby (and new Granny lol!) are all doing very well :) xxxx