Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Unfortunately game ....

Play this stupid funny game ....
GOOGLE game:
UNFORTUNATELY: Google “unfortunately,and your name”, include the quotes, and ta-dah… instant laughs of sorts heres some of mine !!!! Ive left out unplesent ones !!!

Unfortunately, Jayne's talent for acting was not as big as her skill for winning publicity, and she soon found herself demoted to small parts in Hollywood ... That would do me lol !!!

Unfortunately, Jayne became ill that morning with a stomach virus that was not very pleasant. Sounds nasty :D

Unfortunately, Jayne is there filling it to bursting again, and there's only one possible outcome. ummmmmm i wonder !

Unfortunately, Jayne isn't quite as nicey-nice as she appears. God help me as i dont look at all nicey nice !

Unfortunately Jayne and I spent the entire time trying to annihilate each other... i dont even know what this means !!!