Monday, February 16, 2009

I've been recovering from weekend !!!

No I have not been partying :( But I have gone to Stitches Trade show at NEC with my friend Cleo Jarvis. We did have a laugh, I was in tears of laughter a couple of times. All I wished is that I took my camera !! Saw lots of New thngs and met Reena again on the Fiskars stand. They had some lovely display items on Fiskars stand too that have inspired me so watch this space !!!

Some other stands that stood out were the cocktail glasses full of glitter, the lovely people that work for The button company & their necklaces.. Cleo was in Heaven ! & the lovely Herma people who were quite local to me but I think I messed up one of their dispensers !!!
I only went for the experience but was really inspired & excited.... The only down thing is I couldn't go home with big shopping bags of stash :(

So my legs still ache and we were talking so much on the stands we nearly missed our train !
Thankyou Cleo for a fabby day out x


elliemook said...

That sounds like a really fun day, lucky you x