Thursday, August 7, 2008

I've been shopping...and its not for craft stuff !!!!

I got this lovely dress today from my local shopping centre and it was only £8 !!!!! At first i thought its a bit short its just above the knee but only just ! (shock)
it looks alot better on too and i only picked it up because it was my size & reduced but i loved it on so bought it !

I'm going to hubbies uncles wedding anniversary do at their home , they have a bit of money and everyone always looks so trendy , where i usually feel the frumpy mumsie type who stands by the sideline trying not to be noticed hee hee !
what do you think ???


Claire aka Feline said...

I don't think anyone should stand on the side lines feeling mumsie, life is too short instead wear the dress and knock em dead, have a lovely time being noticed :) xxx

Tash said...

That is just gorgeous! And you will DEFINITELY not look mumsie or boring wearing that - knock 'em dead!!!

LadyBug said...

Beautiful dress and what a bargin!!! also would look really good with a pair of jeans..... a VERY "in" look at the moment.

voodoo vixen said...

Oh yes, they will notice you in this - its gorgeous!!

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

Fab dress- and such a bargain!
Must think about an update that price. have a great time!