Monday, May 5, 2008


As you might know my Newish hobby is Geocaching . A Quick explanation is treasure hunting with GPS (satnavs) .

I have been to amazing places of beauty some close to home nearly on the door stop and some further a field. I wanted to do this to get the family out of the house and its really done that for us. We even get our SIL to come along too sometimes.

You have to go onto and register (this doesnt cost a thing) You can pay for membership approx £2 a month for more benifits. This is done by 1000s of people all over the world and you might of passed by a cache with out knowing it where ever you have been !!!!

Anyway on the site you can find caches by adding a postcode etc or looking at the ones close to your home. You have to load or manually put co-ordinates in your satnav (GPS) and off you go.

There is more info about how big the box is , what the terrain & difficulty is etc and of course Geocaching itself.

Below is views by Horton camp Geocache and a typical small cache box as a lot of people ask what is in the treasure boxes (log book to sign in , treasure, sometimes travel bugs or geocoins (things you can move and track where they are) ) YOU MUST PUT SOMETHING BACK IN IF YOU TAKE SOMETHING OUT THOUGH !!!! then the next person that visits will have something to take if they like and so on .

On the way to another cache GC12NKY
sunny siston , in a hole !!!


dddeeebbbzzz said...

Geocaching looks fun! It's not something I've come across - no-one I know does it. Maybe I ought to tell them about it!

Tinkerbelle said...

Looks like good fun and a great way to have fun outdoors.. xxx

Norm said...

Geocaching is never boring! It looks like the family is having a great tome.

Fiona said...

It looks like fun.