Thursday, April 24, 2008


I havent been scrapbooking very much lately apart from my DT stuff that i cant publish on here until it comes out on my DT sites !!!!
Seeing i havent Blogged for a while i thought i would tell you about my fabby day yesterday !!!
Myself and my sister in law and my youngest Daughter went out Geocaching yesterday . We got in the car and travelled to Portishead in Bristol . We parked at the Windmill inn Pub and had lunch ( not most delicious meal ive had but filled a gap) Then we walked down the so called Coastal path , New GPS in hand it took us to 3 caches spot on.
We saw lighthouses , A kestral , loads of robins, a SNAKE (well actually a slow worm or grass snake or whatever but SIL nearly stood on it and made me laugh my socks off listening to the screams i thought there was an Adder by her screams !!!) a crab or rather a massive woodlouse type thing ...ok im not a great person when it comes to naming wildlife !!!
But most amazing was the views and the weather, We had all wrapped up thinking it would be chilly by the river side but it was a scorcher !!! i had just a vest top on most of the walk !!!! The sun hit the water and it looked fab and the views all the way over to wales were clear as day.
No photos im sorry as my elder daughter had the camera last and she wouldnt think of letting me know the batteries were flat !!! :(
we are definately going down that path again xxx


Charlol said...

Sounds like you had a great day. By the way I have tagged you! what you have to do is you have to post 7 random facts about yourself and then tag 5 more people! I have don the same on my blog to get the idea.

Kevin said...

Sounds lovely to me. I keep meaning to go out and do some of this myself. I'll drag Michael out sometime in the summer to do some. Such a lovely way of seeing the outdoors :D

Kevin x