Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tim holtz,Claudine Hellmuth 7 Suze Weinberg

Well it's better late than never but thought i'ld post my Mirror I created from a workshop taught by the above people !
My collegue was nearly wetting her pants to see Tim but I wasn't so star struck. I thought he was Amazing, clever, professional & really friendly but Tim Holtz is Tim Holtz and he taught Tim Holtz stuff.... the things he always shows you on his blog the things i've dabbled with already, so I am sorry to say I didn't learn much from him on the day but it was a pleasure to see him work, I did see some of the New stock and the colours of Inks were a lot brighter so much more my taste and thats the reason he was there really. I've pre ordered his book and want ALL the colours of inks available :)

Claudine wasn't what I thought (I was picturing a dainty girlie thing but instead she was quite loud and would be at ease climbing a tree with the boys :) pretty with it though) BUT she seemed to be a lot more at ease on the stand the next day instead of teaching a class of 50(it was full on) (I wouldn't want to teach 50 (30 is enough !)) I loved the Canvas Transfer Tecnique she taught and this did have the wow factor about it....I must buy some Canvas. She had a technique book made from scratch that was to die for :)

Suze Weinberg I've heard of before but didn't really know of ....This is when the class just got interesting, She was bright, bubbly, funny and a little more American than the others ! I loved when she says apparatus bless her ! I am hooked on the Melt pot and all things Suze Wenberg... I have a thing about Jewellery that stems from a long time ago as a Child rifling through my nans Jewellery box my passion kind of peeped out again to say Hello when I saw what you could do with UTEE ! Must experiment :D
Right thats it xxx Sorry if I offended Tim fans don't get me wrong I like him just I didn't learn as much on this day !
I adore my frame and want to put it in the shop to show off but would rather see it on my craft room wall :)

The class by all 3 of these wonderful people YES they were wonderful all of them though even you might not of thought I was thinking this ! I just don't get excited as some other women :) I saw Wham as a teen their last ever performance girls were fainting all over the place I couldn't even scream !!!!

So if you ever get a chance to have a class by ANY of these people Tim,Suze or Claudine jump at the chance . I so love my Mirror xx


Carmen said...

Challenge for you - re-create the mirror for the shop so you can keep one at home! Ahaaa!

It is gorgeous Jayne and I think I would probably be the same had I seen Tim. I'm loving the sound of the melt pot more and more.

Loved this post :P

Anonymous said...

Lucky you - to do classes with 3 great teachers on the same day! Your mirror looks fab!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I am already a Fiskarette and am a member of the website. Hugs ~ Ali x ~

Claire said...

Wow, love the mirror Jayne.
BTW, if you hop over to Its a Creative World, you may find a little something for you ;)

Anonymous said...

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